Life's fast-paced nature coupled with challenges at every turn sometimes takes a toll on even the best of us. However, I can assure you will not regret the decision to take care of yourself and congratulations on taking those first steps to prioritizing your emotional health. You've made the decision to get support in this journey and I am delighted to come alongside you. I believe in the right environment, we all have the capacity to change.

My ability to connect with you is my top priority in order to create a solid foundation for collaborative work. While my approach is supportive and non-judgmental, I also believe that challenging situations can create excellent opportunities for growth. I use evidence-based therapies to help you reach your goals in addressing issues related to depression, self-esteem, anger, anxiety, conflict resolution, relationship problems, mood difficulties, traumatic experiences, and more. Now that you've made a decision to do therapy, your next important step is finding someone who is a good fit. I look forward to seeing if we can work together!

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