Welcome to your journey, your mending room. Something brought you here, whether that is a troubled relationship with a spouse, a parent or sibling, feelings of sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, self-doubt, life transition, death, new life, the birth of a baby, long days or nights lying awake in bed, stress, or trauma just to name a few things. Whatever brought you here, helped you realize your need for mending. You see, everyone goes through things that alters fragments of their life, and somehow those missing pieces leaves us feeling as though we are stuck in a vicious cycle, leaving us to figure out how we put those fragments of our lives back together again. That fragment maybe a smile, a laugh, a connection to a greater good, closure, life coping skills, whatever that may look like for you, allow therapy to guide you to your place of mending, your very own mending room.

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The Mending Room provides multiple opportunities to get support in starting your journey towards healing. The support groups are judgment free zones and offer variety of topics and educational materials to meet the need of each member. Interested!? Stay tuned for more information.