Welcome! So glad you found The Core! We help adults, adolescents, and couples embark on a personal and collective journey to both discover and rediscover themselves towards wellness. It feels like you are just floating through life with no purpose or direction. Activities that used to excite you or that felt aligned with your core self no longer bring joy. Life challenges have overshadowed the clear direction you once had. Peer pressure has stunted individualization, ultimately negatively impacting your self esteem. The ability to laugh, love, and learn has declined or hit a plateau. You want to know yourself and live purposeful but don't know where to start. We understand.

Imagine knowing yourself from the inside out that it sets you up to thrive in all the important areas of your life. That the journey of self discovery rewardingly catapults you into your life purposes and interrupts old patterns. Imagine discovering that personal alignment equips you with the tools to manage the high and lows of life. Live again!

Therapy at the The Core Counseling Center is compassionate, direct, creative, and effective. We provide customized, one-on-one, consistent support to help you with challenges that you are facing and goals that you want to reach.

Invest in yourself, teenager, or relationship and schedule your FREE consultation now! We are already rooting for you!

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Sister Circle: These Dating Streets
Overall content in your life except for your dating experiences? Dating today can be hard, ultimately making you question if life long partnership is on the way? If you're looking for a young and vibrant community of black women that share similar dating experiences as you, join the Sister Circle! This is a small and intimate group for black women ages 30 to 39 who need a safe space to process through dating challenges. Group members will have the opportunity to express themselves judgement free while receiving support. Together we will cultivate a community of self love, life purpose, helpful resources, and laughter!