Hi! I'm Terica Brown. Congratulations for the choice to invest in yourself! It can be a stressful proposition to choose to engage in therapy and you have made that choice. I believe therapy is one of the best things anyone can do to care for themselves. It's like a spa for your heart and mind; minus the spa amenities! I specialize in meeting people where they are in a down to earth way, assisting them with identifying their needs and goals, and working with them to address the issues that keep them stuck. One of the best things about therapy is no topic is off limit and the time is all about you!

I've been a practicing clinician for over 20 years; working with people from age 5 to 90! I specialize in addressing relational conflicts, anxiety, depression, trauma and serious mental illness. I believe in addressing the whole person, because we take all of us with us everywhere we go. It's your time to walk into your greater and I want to be a part of the story you are creating.

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