Hello, I am delighted that you have decided to reach out for help with managing your issues/stressors. Rest assured that I am here to help you with whatever issues you are facing. Talking about emotional/mental health struggles is not easy. You have taken the first step and I am here to help you along the way to improved mental health and overall health and well-being.

Whether your issues are related to everyday life stressors; work/career stressors, couples/marital stressors, caregiver stressors, parenting stressors, or other issues such as grief/loss, depression, and/or anxiety I am here to help you set goals and help you to better manage those stressors. During our initial contact, we will also discuss the things that need to change in your life and your counseling expectations.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker licensed in Georgia and South Carolina. I am skilled at completing comprehensive behavioral health assessments, and strength-based, client-centered treatment. I have worked with teens/adolescents, adults, couples, and groups for over 20 years.

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