Something feels off. You can’t quite put your finger on it; but some “shit” feels weird. You don’t feel like you can trust people so you isolate yourself from others because being fake feels phony to you. You are tired of fighting; but you can’t give up because there is a constant thought in your head “Who is going to take care of my child(ren)?” Nobody. So, you shake it off and keep pretending like everything is fine.

Between work obligations, the teachers calling your phone, and co-parenting concerns, you don’t know what to do. For many people, anxiety feels like a shaken soda can ready to burst. While you are grateful for being a parent, you realize you can’t do this thing called "parenting" on your own.

My name is "T" and I work with children and families dealing with anxiety, depression, neglect, and abandonment. I enjoy working with parents; more specifically, single parents because I used to be one.
You may be thinking, I wish I had a magic wand to wipe all my pain away. I can’t promise the pain you experience as a parent will ever go away; however, together we can try our best to minimize it!

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