On paper, you’re qualified. Your education and career path have prepared you, but somehow you find yourself questioning even the smallest decision. You were excited when you got the offer letter, but now you feel anxious and out of place. You dread heading to work in the morning because it means another day of feeling inadequate. Your self-doubt is constantly whispering, sometimes yelling, you aren’t good enough, you will never feel competent. You look around and don't see colleagues who look like you. You doubt your success and live in fear of making a mistake that will finally reveal that you don’t belong here.

Imagine a life where you are able to begin tasks with confidence and complete them on time. Instead of working to please others, you recognize that your opinions and contributions have just as much value as anyone else’s. You receive accolades and actually believe what people are saying about you. You walk into the board room and know that you belong.

I'm a licensed therapist for women navigating life transitions, dealing with microaggressions, and struggling with self-doubt. I help them regain the confidence to be the best version of themselves and show up 100% in all areas of their life. I help them to finally say, "shhhh, I've got this" to those negative thoughts. Schedule your free 15-minute consultation today. Visit www.brookspsych.com/contact and click on "Schedule Free Consultation" take your first step towards owning your success!

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