Let me meet you where you are on your life’s journey. Life in general can be challenging. Many

of us endure distress that has resulted in mental, emotional, and physical anguish. Did you know

changing the way you think can influence how you feel and in turn how you behave and react to

life challenges? Let me equip you with the tools necessary to challenge automatic thoughts and

relieve tension caused by stress.

My passion is to help people facilitate change by teaching a

new way to “think” of challenges as we go about life. My goal is to help you relieve tension

brought upon by everyday stressors, through use of effective communication skills, boundary

setting, and identify core issues that leads to destructive behaviors.

My educational background include a Masters of Social Work from the University of Southern

Mississippi. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with certification as a Certified Clinical

Trauma Professional. I have worked with various populations that include people living and

affected by HIV, crisis, elderly and disabled, addictions, immigrants, and caregivers to people

living with dementia. My treatment approach utilizes cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical

behavior therapy, trauma informed-care, problem solving, and mindfulness practices. Let’s get

started today and live life on purpose!

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