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Wondering why you can't seem to maintain satisfying relationships? Do you oftentimes struggle with identity asking, 'who am I or who should I be?' You have become an expert caretaker specializing in denying your true self and placing other's needs before your own. You have difficulty trusting others with your whole heart and live in fear of not getting your own emotional needs met. Outwardly you appear secure, you have learned to be a doer and a perfectionist, but inwardly you feel fragile and abandoned. Others have accused you of being needy and sensitive which further dismisses who you are. Sounding familiar?
My name is Sarah and I can help!
My focus is attachment connection and relational healing. We will take a look at developmental wounds that show up in your adult life as emotional deficiencies, insecure identities, and internal fears that work to sabotage who you really are and were meant to be.

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