Hello, my name is Tawanna.

Are you experiencing anxiety, stress, or depression and not sure what to do next?

Do you feel pulled in a million directions, unable to fit it all in? Are you struggling to keep up with your relationships, work, and health? Is it hard to be kind to yourself?

If you have answered yes to either of these questions, you are in the right place!

I help high performers manage anxiety and depression. Together, we can identify what's not working and get you back to balance. Initially, you may be hesitant to seek support for the things that seem hard to handle. Deciding on a counselor can be a difficult and should not be taken lightly.

Whether you're dealing with feelings of being overwhelmed, relationship or communication issues or cycles of anxiety and depression, I'm here to help. You deserve a compassionate, safe space to heal and grow. In our sessions together, you will discovers and revive your inner strengths through commitment to sessions, self-acceptance, self-awareness, and the ability to redefine their self-worth will allow them to live an enriched life. Sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client to ultimately develop and improve emotional stability.

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