You struggle to acknowledge the good in your life. You show up for others but neglect your own needs. You worry intensely about the way the world views you, so you strive to be perfect and this gets in the way of being your authentic self. You have felt like you weren’t enough for so long but now you want to show up for yourself and work towards a more fulfilling life. You no longer want to ignore your feelings and emotions. You want to celebrate your strengths and feel good about the person you are.

I work with people who struggle with negative self-image, depression, anxiety, shame, and more. These can show up in everyday life as being avoidant, excessive sleeping, increased irritability, feeling deep regret, etc. Before coming to see me, the people I work with overlooked their emotions, denied themselves happiness, or let pain from past situations control their lives. They thought they could handle everything alone. Or that therapy wasn’t even an option for them.

Pretending to be happy is draining. Together we will explore past traumas, learn coping skills, and find new ways to heal and be present in life. I use various techniques to help you connect with your mind, body, and spirit. I work apart of a group practice: Transformative Therapy Services, under the direction of Atiya Hodges, LCSW. Let’s work together to help you live the life you desire.

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