If I’m being honest, people come here to peek around and decide if you want to take the next steps to having a consultation. For the most part friends and family tell you “ just be strong-fight through it”- and you’re not use to talking about the things that bother you because you’ve spent so many years trying to avoid that fact that they even exist. But avoidance gets exhausting and doesn’t help you feel less overwhelmed or full.

I’m not your traditional counselor and I don’t have a green couch for you to lay on. Therapy with me doesn’t look anything like what you see on TV or in movies AT ALL. My style is pretty laid back, I might cuss a little (depending on the topic), and at times I can be solution focused.

At the end of the day you’re in the drivers seat of the session because you are the expert on your life, not me. Don’t get me wrong, I will challenge you and call out BS when you need an extra push, but my job is to support, encourage and help you find clarity when you start to feel too full.

I offer phone or video sessions from the convenience of your home, with evening and weekend hours available to anyone in the state of South Carolina. Visit my website at www.LetsfigureitOutCounseling.com to learn more about me and how I can support you in your journey.

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