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I am a new solo mother , private practice owner, and licensed clinical social worker – certified (LCSW-C), with 19 years experience in the Mental Health Field working with a variety of mental and emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, anger and stress management, childhood/adolescent developmental stressors, and life transitional stages.

Life and soul work is a difficult but rewarding process that should be experienced in a safe, loving, and understanding environment. Life can be remarkable, but it can also be difficult in some obvious ways or in subtle ways that sometimes sneaks up on us, causing us to go through life merely surviving or struggling, often feeling alone. As a holder of your pain, your hope, and your light let me stand by your side and empower you to face obstacles and challenges. Let us go beyond surviving this life, but healing our hearts and mind so we can love and enjoy the moments we have right now.

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