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A life that is trauma, or drama-free is often based in fairy tales. Let's face it happily ever after does not provide details of "who", "what" and "how" happy is defined. Real people have real problems...relationship issues, financial issues, employment issues, depression, substance abuse, anxiety, stress, and grief are just a few of the problems we deal with regularly.
Healthy coping skills are necessary tools to help people master life's issues and maintain their health mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Whether you need help in developing coping skills or strengthening coping skills, help is available.
A strong therapeutic base is important in therapy...however, empathy, compassion, and real-life experience is the bridge from theory to reality. I have helped my clients in some of their most difficult life journeys. Talk therapy is most effective when the client discovers their truth and transforms their life with solutions based on their life script.
Sharing the most intimate details of your life is scary, and a therapist that you cannot relate to, or that cannot understand your cultural background adds to the fear.
Mental health is equally important as the other aspects of your health, and a mental health professional you can trust helps to eliminate the fear and the stigma associated with therapy...let me help you!
Therapy is NOT just for people who are having problems, sometimes we just need to talk to someone who will not judge you while you are going through some life challenges.

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