Life can be unpredictable with unbelievable challenges. As we experience these "life moments", it is very difficult to seek help or know where to go.
I offer an "eclectic" approach to treating clients through my training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectic Behavior Therapy.
My number one priority is building a supportive therapeutic connection with my clients, to help my clients feel comfortable, as they work through difficult turning points in their life.

My purpose in life is to compassionately support individuals who have lost their way, guiding them towards rediscovering their unique gifts and talents. I am dedicated to empowering their abilities, so they can transcend the limitations of the system and toxic relationships. Through education, mentorship, and practical strategies, I strive to enable them to monetize their gifts, creating sustainable and fulfilling lives. By fostering self-reliance and resilience, I aspire to help them regain control of their destinies and find lasting happiness and success.

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