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Over the years, therapy has gone from being a privilege to a necessity in managing life stressors. Deciding to seek therapy is not easy, but it can be the first step towards living a life that makes you happy. There have been a lot of challenges, uncertainties, and setbacks over the past year alone, some of which we've never faced before. It would be unrealistic to come out unscathed, especially on top of everything else you’re already going through.

You may be feeling stuck in your career, relationships, or just with life in general. Every day you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or you just feel alone and unsupported. You struggle, but you keep pushing because that's what you've been taught to do and nothing changes. So, you live with resentment, beat yourself up, lash out in anger, and withdraw into sadness. Your relationships suffer, your career feels like it's at an impasse and your stress levels continue to rise while unresolved issues continue to linger under the surface.

So much of our behavior is shaped by our experiences and our thoughts. My approach to therapy is simple, let’s have an honest conversation about what you’re facing and what you’d like to accomplish. We can work together to identify how your experiences, beliefs, and thinking are impacting your life and take steps to overcome them. You can learn to manage negative thinking, improve your self-esteem/self-worth, improve your relationships, and work through past issues.

You may not need to take a deep dive into past issues as we do in therapy, instead coaching may be beneficial. With coaching, we focus on the here and now and the future. We can identify a goal and create actionable steps to help you accomplish them. Send me an email or give me a call and we can talk about how therapy or coaching can help.

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