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No, you are not “crazy.” But if you feel emotionally out of control, it can seem like you are pretty close! You’re not motivated to do anything. You're procrastinating, anxious, feeling down, or cannot concentrate on the things that are important to you. But somehow you are still keeping it all together. That can be exhausting but we have all been there at some point and you are definitely not alone!

With my help, you can learn to recognize self-defeating/self-sabotaging thoughts and patterns in your life so that you can make different decisions, set healthy boundaries, and find solutions that help you become the best version of yourself: less overwhelmed, less anxious/down, and less disconnected from yourself and others.

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression/low motivation, self-esteem, or relationship issues; needing a safe space to process racial trauma; a mental health professional needing space to focus on yourself; or a couple looking to improve intimacy, trust, and communication, I have a place for you. Start investing in yourself and call me for your free consultation!

*Psychological assessments for ADHD and Learning Disabilities also provided.

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