Hello, I am Tamiko, I am a therapist that utilizes techniques to break the stigma of mental health. We have been taught to wait until we have a problem to seek help. My idea is that mental health should be preventive. A person seeking counseling annually should be the norm. We should seek counseling not because we are sick but because we want to move in the right direction. We do checkups for our cars, teeth, why not our mental health.

My goal in therapy is to provide a safe, supportive, healing environment to foster growth in my clients. My therapeutic approach is Person-Centered which means being present in the current moment while building a healthy therapeutic relationship and helping the client learn coping skills to encourage independence and empowerment.

I have gained experience in a variety of settings like Outpatient Mental Health, Crisis, and residential settings which has helped me become well-versed in crisis intervention, de-escalation, and helping clients work through issues. I have worked in human services for over fifteen years.

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