We grow up with a “plan” for our life… finish school, get a great job, marry the man or our dreams, have 2-3 super smart kids, and live our best lives. Unfortunately things don’t always go as planned leaving us feeling lost, discouraged, and disappointed that life did not turn out as planned. I work with individuals coping with loneliness, depression, relationship conflict, and divorce recovery.

If your life has not turned out as planned, let’s talk about it!
If you feel like you have had enough and are ready to do the work to live your best life, then I am the coach for you. Please understand that I can’t “fix” your problems or make them disappear, however, I will walk with you through the healing process until you feel you are where you want to be.

I provide relationship coaching (pre- and post-marital) and individual counseling to men, women, and couples. If you have said enough is enough, then call today to schedule your first appointment.

I am accepting new clients! I currently offering video sessions via Zoom, Monday - Thursday, 10am-7pm; Saturday, 12p-5pm.

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