There are times when it feels like our past won’t allow us to move forward. The inner critic, that negative voice, we hear on the inside, won’t seem to allow us to escape the guilt, shame, or trauma from our past. Making it impossible to make peace with the past we desperately desire to be freed from. These feelings create thoughts that we are not good enough & rob us of having joy, confidence, happiness, and healthy relationships.

This is where I step in, I work with clients I am a Licensed Professional Counselor & EMDR Trained Therapist, with a true passion for helping clients find freedom from the painful grips of being stuck in life due to depression, anxiety & trauma. I am here to support you in learning how you can become a self-healer and empower you to live with more peace, calm & confidence in everyday life.

"Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion." -Buddha.

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