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If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, shame, or guilt - You have a safe space with me!

I help thoes who want to regain ownership back in their lives but feel suffocated and restricted due to the stress, guilt, worry, and grief that is weighing them down. You may find yourself feeling like you aren't good enough as a mom or womxn, especially when you are trying to juggle children, work, finances, relationships, social life, and everything in between.

Having to juggle multiple roles is hard, especially while at the same time being under the pressure to continue to produce & “show up” despite not being at your 100%. This is even more detrimental to the mental wellbeing for us, as we already have to deal with the “Strong black womxn” archetype assigned to us by society. Often times, we become so wrapped up in our other identities as it relates to our jobs and relationships that we end up losing sight of who we are. We start to feel like we are not ourselves and struggle with trying to find pleasure in the things that once brought us so much life.

However, "Even in darkness it is possible to create light."

I can help you identify, sort out, & process the things that are weighing you down. I help by utilizing the very strengths within you to support you in working towards your goals. Your mental health matters, & I want to help you feel like yourself again. Email me to begin your journey to healing.

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