Having to juggle multiple roles is hard, especially while at the same time being under the pressure to continue to produce & “show up” despite not being at your 100%. This is even more detrimental to the mental wellbeing for us, as we already have to deal with the “Strong black woman” archetype assigned to us by society. Often times, we become so wrapped up in our other identities as it relates to our jobs and relationships that we end up losing sight of who we are. We start to feel like we are not ourselves and struggle with trying to find pleasure in the things that once brought us so much life.

As women, we already have a long list of unrealistic standards that are often imposed upon us, creating this endless pressure to live up to. When the conversation regarding family planning and pregnancy are added, it creates another dimension of pressure where we feel conflicted between doing what we desire to be true vs what society feels is “right”.

Often times when navigating the spaces regarding pregnancy and family planning, the topic regarding infertility and miscarriages are often overlooked, just as are the women who are experiencing these traumas are overlooked, especially for us black women. It can be hard to be hopeful for positive outcomes when you are experiencing the pain of losing someone you love. Instead, you may feel empty, powerless, resentful, confused, and alone.

Carrying this weight all alone, is hard. It’s heavy on your mind and heart, and can become overwhelming very fast to where you feel that you aren't “Performing” good enough as a mom or woman, especially when you are trying to juggle children, work, finances, relationships, social life, and everything in between. Know that you don’t have to carry this all alone, I can help. Your experiences and feelings are valid and that there is a safe space available for you so that we can we package this trauma so that it’s easier to carry.

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I understand the complexities of emotions that are experienced due to the loss of a baby by miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or termination for medical reasons early in pregnancy. Having a support system that allows you to be seen & heard is crucial in the healing process. I support those who have suffered this loss by naming the incredible challenges experienced & providing a safe space that allows you to talk honestly about your emotions. This group will allow you to connect with others or to just sit in the company of people who understand. Email to register at hello@charlottewomenscounseling.com