Hi! My name is Tamara Smith. I'm a Licensed Clinical social worker who practices in the state of Pennsylvania. I have experience in providing therapeutic support for adolescents and adults who are facing some of life's most difficult challenges. I have worked in the mental health field for over 11 years and has worked in various settings which has allowed me to gain experience within different populations. I have a passion for helping others heal and have the ability to tailor my treatment approaches suitable to the clients needs.

Life happens. Though we cannot control what happens, we can control how we adapt, our attitude, our perspective and how we move forward. I create a safe place to allow you to process your pain and help lead you to the journey of finding your purpose.

I understand that building a therapeutic relationship is the first step in successful treatment. Having someone who is empathetic, relatable and compassionate are key components. My own experiences has led me to want to embark on the journey to healing for others.

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