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**Due to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic I am available to help with those who are struggling with adjusting to their new normal. I am offering a lower rate for professionals who need to process feelings of anxiety and depression that may come with the reality of being an essential worker**

Relationships are tough and navigating the tricky road of trust and love is not easy. Many of us know what it is like to excel in our careers and in life in general but have difficulty getting and maintaining the ideal committed relationship. Often times it seems like it may never happen for you. Well I am here to tell you that it is possible.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who works best with professional women who have relationship issues. Since 2014, I have been focused on helping success-driven professional women, discover what is holding them back from receiving all that they desire in a relationship. I help guide them through the process of getting to the life that they desire! If you are a single professional woman who appears to have it all together but silently struggle with self-worth, emotional triggers and fear of not having the tools to acquire or sustain the ideal relationship, Crossing Jordan, PLLC is for you!

I offer a specialized person-centered approach to therapy that is tailored to your specific needs. I am non-judgmental and have a wealth of professional knowledge and tools to help you succeed. I used evidenced based techniques that help you explore yourself and gain better self-awareness so that you can open yourself to the life changes that you desire.

The life you desire is available for you. Learn the tools needed to build out your vision. In the words of Les Brown, "It's possible!"

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