My Story:

I was born in and sometimes raised in Louisiana. I say sometimes because my family and I moved quite a bit. I have lived in several cities in Louisiana, Florida, and Texas. You are probably thinking military brat but nope, corporate brat. Where ever my dad’s job moved us, that is where we went. Due to being a transient child most of my life I have learned how to adapt to change quickly and easily. I have also experienced a lot which has enabled me to be relatable to most normal everyday issues. I received both my bachelor’s degree in Biology Pre-Medical and my master’s degree in Community Counseling from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. I received my health and wellness training from Dr. Sears Wellness Institute where I obtained my master certification in Health Coaching. I have worked in several areas of the mental health/behavioral health field including community, corporate and telehealth. Currently I live in Arlington, Texas which is in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I live here with my husband and two kids. We love to laugh (a lot), hike, hangout, watch movies, garden, travel when we can and just have plain old fun together. In my spare time, I love to read, garden, exercise, do crafts, sew, decorate for the major holidays and learn a few new things.

Practice Philosophy:

Everyone has a story to tell. Whether it be long or short. It is your story. As a Licensed Professional Counselor with board certification and Master Certified Health Coach, I want to hear your story. Why? Because it is your story and you deserve to tell it. Your story could be about happiness, love, hurt, anger, stress, anxiety, depression, life transitions and grief just to name a few. Sometimes all anyone wants to do is tell someone caring and compassionate their perspective regarding their story. As a therapist, I believe in giving everyone I meet a clean, unbiased slate. No judgment here. I will use a holistic (mind and body), open-minded and solution-focused approach in assisting anyone in telling their story, processing the events and moving forward with their life goals. I will support and at times coach you on practical ways to build tools to help you navigate this thing we call life.

Clinical Experience and Expertise:

My 15 years in the mental health field has taught me numerous things. I am able to discuss and treat a variety of behavior health concerns with the adult population (18+).

Practice Details