Sometimes as women we feel miserable because our problems seem overwhelming. We are exhausted trying to get our brains to stop running over all the things we aren't doing right. Why are we so frustrated, angry and sad all the time.? Why is day to day life so hard, and why can't we let go of the pain from the past? We ignore the bad feelings and keep trudging through our daily to do's. We just want the negative thoughts to stop so that we can get back on track.
I have been there and I understand that as women our biggest obstacle to peace and power lives within us. I can partner with you to help you utilize proven menthods to create your own blueprint for overcoming your intrusive thoughts. This will help to take control and create a better life.
Although you feel like there is no way to change this, there is hope on the other side. If you are ready to do the work, Lets meet!

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