Taja-Nia is an adolescent and young adult therapist who helps clients control their behavioral response to challenging emotions, effectively adjust to change, and live a life that makes them proud. She believes therapy is a collaborative process between the client and the counselor, with the client being the expert of their own life. Taja-Nia creates a safe space and acts as a guide, assisting the client as they explore past and current issues, unhealthy patterns, and identify overall goals. Taja-Nia meets clients where they are mentally and emotionally. and treatment is tailored to meet individual needs.

Taja-Nia has experience with youth and young adults who present with anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, suicidal ideations and self-injurious behavior, as well as disruptive behavior, life transitions, and trauma. She works with clients between the ages of 13 and 30 to effectively address problematic areas and identify mutually agreed upon goals. Taja-Nia’s ultimate goal as a therapist is to empower clients to take control over their lives in ways that lead to mental, physical, and emotional wellness.

Emotion Regulation
LGBT Issues

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