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Change can be difficult to handle, but let's do it together. Creating a safe, nonjudgmental free zone is my priority for therapy with clients. My ideal client is motivated for therapy, enthusiastic about the process and receptive to feedback. I enjoy working with young adult African-American females going through transitional phases within their life. Maybe she is finding her place in the world, experiencing challenges that may be unexplained, dealing with emotional/physical abuse by a loved one or caregiver, wanting to get in touch with who she is or finding ways to cope with the difficulties of discrimination and systematic racism. Teenagers who are seeking to find their identity, experiencing bullying in school or difficult family dynamics are also a target population I am passionate about.

I have the skills to work with young black youth and black families. I understand how the impacts of the justice system, systematic racism and psychological generational trauma effects black individuals and the black culture. know what it means to be a Black female in America and the challenges it presents as a minority.

I view therapy as a mutual effort relationship. In order to grow one, must be willingly to take the risk of identifying their strengths and weaknesses and putting in the work. I believe in having active listening skills, validating my client’s feelings and being direct and honest about subjects that can be difficult to process. We all have experiences, feelings and behaviors that cannot always be explained. However, it is what we overcome that makes us resilient.

I use many therapeutic modalities which includes, a holistic approach. My target populations are couples, teenagers, families and young women/men. I believe that people are unique and exist within a complex system. Together we can collaborate to establish goals for therapy to fit your needs. I commend you for being brave in taking the first step towards a life change, now it's time to walk the journey.

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