My clients’ usually want to feel more emotionally resilient, less anxious and effective boundary setters. They want to be able to connect with themselves, the world and others in their lives. They are brave and willing to do the work. Hi, my name is Tai Finley. I am an associate marriage and family therapist #131896 based in Los Angeles, CA.

The majority of my practice focuses on working with Black, Indigenous, neurodivergent people of color. We explore identity development, fear, culture, behavioral health and family conflict. My approach is compassionate, warm, honest and structured. I help my clients make slight changes to the structure of their thinking so they can find joy, functioning and emotional stability. Together, we discover ways to help you attune to your emotions, trust yourself and advocate for your needs. I help you tailor your environment (relationships, work, home) to fit you and not the other way around.

I am passionate about helping children, teens and adults establish clear, respectful boundaries with the world and people around them. I help my clients become aware of their emotional and behavioral patterns. The goal is to leave therapy emotionally resilient and an effective communicator. Together, we discover ways to build confidence, understanding and compassion for ourselves. When we do this we are then able to live a life of fulfillment.

I help parents build a secure attachment with their children and confidence in parenting. I help new moms navigate their new role as a mother. I help toddlers learn how to regulate their big emotions when boundaries are placed and when separating from caregivers. I help tweens and teens understand what’s happening in their bodies as well as their minds, and how they can create healthy coping mechanisms in their lives. Most of my clients tell me that my style of therapy is fun, honest and they feel empowered. I am so honored to start this journey with you.

I received both my Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, minor in family studies (2015) and Master of Science, Counseling, Specialization in Marriage & Family Therapy (2021) from California State University, Northridge – Northridge, CA

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