Hello Sweetheart
Something in your life isn’t working, is it?

Unhealthy, even traumatic family/parent background
Mysterious blocks to the life you want
Unhealthy relationship patterns and lack of trust with parents, partners, friends, and even yourself
Spiritual longing, but a troubled relationship with your higher power
Undue influence by a parent or parents who still have a strong impact over your life. Probably too much, if you’re being honest.
Situations that lead you to sacrifice your own happiness for the good of the relationship, parent or family.
Unbalanced emotions – buried for too long, then explode, or triggered easily, quickly, and be difficult or impossible to manage in a healthy way
I understand. I’ve been there.

And let me tell you something – with all you’ve come through, you’re doing an amazing job.

But you’re right – it could be better. You deserve better. We all need a little help now and then, and that’s why, through a series of choices and chances, you’ve made your way here, to this moment.

But let’s get one thing clear:

Our partnership will be a co-creation. I am not here to fix you, or do your internal work for you. That approach disempowers you – and I am here to empower you.

I will bring healing to you, I will walk alongside you, offering guidance and insight, opening doors and shining a light so that you can heal and evolve yourself.

I am prepared with extensive education and training, and deep wisdom earned through my own challenging journey, to guide you through a period of powerful evolution.

So Ask Yourself This:
Are you ready to invest time and resources into co-creating a healed future?
Are you ready to value yourself, or ready to learn how to value yourself at last?
Are you ready to cut the crap and make real change happen?

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