TaDonya began her career as a therapist out of a desire to help her fellow Veterans struggling with PTSD and life circumstances. She severed four years in the U.S. Army and seven years in the Texas National Guard in the area of military Aviation. While in the Army, she earned her Bachelor degree at TUI University with a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management. Upon honorable discharge from the military she remained in Austin, Texas and attended St. Edward's University in Austin, TX with a Master of Arts in Counseling. She has a passion and desire for helping survivors of sexual trauma, sexual abuse & Military Vets with PTSD.

TaDonya wishes to reach a population that would not receive therapy. She provides an environment that is welcoming and is willing to be of service to any asking for help. Being a veteran herself, wants to live her life making a difference in the others’ lives. Her clinical experience includes counseling adults, and couples. She has an expertise in the areas of trauma, PTSD, Substance addiction, depression, anxiety, grief and relationship issues.

TaDonya helps adults overcome the negative effects that stressful or traumatic life experiences have on how a person thinks, feels and behaves. She specializes in upsetting events, trauma recovery, early relational trauma and self-esteem matters. She helps adults identify and resolve how their past is unconsciously coming into play in their present and causing them to not feel good enough, to feel stuck, or to repeat situations in their career or personal life. Ultimately, she helps her clients find meaning life experiences and have a more authentic connection with themselves, so they can have a more genuine connection with others.

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