Being a Mother is crucial to a child’s development. It is the first relationship we encounter as children, giving us the central concept of how we view ourselves, others and the world . We rarely talk about how complicated and extremely painful it is to have difficult relationships with our Mothers. As children, our Moms are expected to provide security, protection, love, support and for many of us that hasn’t been our reality. In fact, Mother daughter wounds are more common than most know. Complicated mother daughter relationships can be resemble intergenerational trauma being transferred down from many generations of women leaving us feeling rejected, unworthy, invalidated, broken, stuck and afraid of being Mothers ourselves. When we have our own children this can trigger up grief, sadness, isolation, depression, anxiety and trauma that we experienced in our own childhood making it even more difficult to transition into Motherhood, which comes with its own sets of challenges.

Can you heal from your Mother daughter trauma? Absolutely! By engaging in therapy practices at Compassionate Counseling & Support Services we can teach you how to heal your inner child wounds, confront your inner critical voice, create a healthy relationship with yourself and ways to re Mother yourself so you can regain the power, confidence and esteem to be the best Mother for your children.

Compassionate Counseling embraces you with open hearts & open hands in whatever stage of healing you are in. Give us a call to learn more about Compassionate Counseling & Support Services, LLC services and how we can support you through your healing journey!

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