You feel like you have to be a perfect mom. You often feel inadequate and judged by yourself and others around you. You feel anxious about not doing enough and worry about your baby’s safety. You desperately need a break and struggle with asking for help. You don’t want to be perceived as weak so you would often tell others that you are okay or you can do it by yourself. You struggle getting out of bed due to not getting enough sleep and constantly waking up throughout the night. You feel like this will never end.

You want to live your life without guilt, shame, and anxiety. You want to feel like yourself again. You want to be confident in yourself and enjoy motherhood to the fullest. I can help!

I make therapy convenient and easy for your busy life by offering a free 15 minute phone consultation and virtual sessions. Clients who work with me know that I have a straightforward and down to earth approach. Check out my website and schedule a consultation call today.

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Group Therapy Details

We will be offering the Strong Roots Perinatal Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills Group for birthing parents who are pregnant and postpartum up to two years experiencing anxiety, depressed mood, and trauma. You'll learn about mindfulness and balancing how to attune to your need and your baby/child's need. You'll learn about skills to support your self-regulation and develop co-regulation in your relationship with your child. You'll explore your parenting style and utilize parenting moments to hold your child's needs for exploration and safety. You'll explore moments of exploration, growth, restoring emotional balance and repair ruptures in your relationship with your child. To learn more about group therapy, click this link: www.karimcounseling.org/group-therapy/