You’ve been struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma; and you are ready to work through it. However, you’re struggling with finding a therapist who is the right fit for you. For the therapeutic process to work, you need to work with a therapist that you can connect with and trust.

Hi, my name is Sultana Karim and I am a licensed counselor in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the State of Maryland. I’ve worked with people who have struggled with mood and anxiety disorders during pregnancy and postpartum, and had traumatic experiences (such as domestic and sexual violence, loss and grief, etc).

I help people who are exhausted, struggling with their sense of self, and trying to function everyday but feel like their world is falling apart by helping them discover a world where their symptoms are not controlling their thoughts, behaviors, and preventing them from being their best self.

Getting therapy may seem scary and admitting that you need help is hard. I understand that and I am here to walk with you in your healing journey.

If you are ready to relieve your anxiety and depression, and heal from your pain, then schedule your FREE 15 minute consultation below or contact me at 571-208-2348.

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