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Day-to-day life does not have to be THIS hard. You do not deserve to feel overwhelmed with feelings of sadness, despair, fear, worry, or that you cannot get yourself to sleep or focus enough to function at work or at home. Therapy, eating a well-balanced nutritious diet, and getting enough exercise are sometimes not enough. Combining talk therapy with medications can help you manage your stress so that you can regain some control in your life. Using medicine can be short-term only. Speak to a prescriber who will educate, guide, and support you to select a safe & effective treatment option tailored specifically for you.

I provide psychotherapy and prescribe medications with a goal to help alleviate the specific uncomfortable feelings you are experiencing while working to minimize potential side effects. I am also an expert at using medications to help people quit smoking/using tobacco. **Additionally, I certify clients for the use of Medical Marijuana in the treatment of PTSD.

If you are seeking 5-minute med-check visits then I am NOT the right match for you! I want to talk to you. Taking enough time to listen to you, understand you, and teach you about your medication options makes a huge difference as we work together to choose the best medicine. I can't wait to meet you, hear your story, and help you feel well again!

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