1. Mental Wellness Coaching Program (12 week curriculum to learn skills to decrease feelings from stress, anxiety, depression, and more) - see more at www.strengthredefyned.com.

2. Mental Wellness Monthly Community Subscription (monthly live sessions offering community, skills, and more).
- see more at www.strengthredefyned.com.

MUST SEE - Growthbook Journals for Black women, adolescents, and for children: www.strengthredefyned.com
Two “powerful" combinations of a workbook & journal. One focused on all children ages 5 to about 12, & one focused on Black women & women of color including images representing Black women while promoting skills for mental wellness such as mindfulness, self compassion, and emotional awareness. The GBJ’s also have 30 (children's version) to 50 affirmations (women's version) developed specifically with you and children in mind and to encourage reflection and growth.

Thank you for your interest in Strength Redefyned, where your needs are the priority, and there’s strength in vulnerability and giving yourself grace. I am an EMDR trained therapist and a Prepare-Enrich Facilitator (for couples). I provide individual counseling to high achieving Black professional women and fellow providers experiencing anxiety, high stress, trauma, depression, and/or life transitions. I work with a strong emphasis on prioritizing self care. I also offer a specialty in group work (see below).


Provider Self-Care Group: Come join a small Self-Care & Self-Compassion Group experience that explores what self-care means (emotionally, financially, physically, relationally, professionally, etc.) and how to prioritize, understand and implement it for you as a provider.

Marriage/Couples Group: Come grow as a couple with the support of other couples who understand the evolving needs of couple/family life in current life circumstances. In this group you will build a deeper, more vitalized relationship by exploring areas such as: Sharing Strength & Growth Areas, Stress, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Finances, Physical & Emotional Affection, and more.

Often, driven and highly motivated Black professionals experience anxiety and high levels of stress that can present as feeling anxious, over-tired, nervous, difficulty concentrating, as well as other commonly overlooked symptoms. The demands of your career and personal life can create fatigue, whether physical and/or emotional. As a successful Black professional, I understand the challenges that come with being the one who is typically leading and helping others – “the strong friend”.

I am passionate about working with Black professional women to identify and define their strengths and goals, as well as to “redefyne” the narrative of strength. There is strength in intentional vulnerability, so let’s defy the belief that strength is not found in openness and improve your quality of life through self-care and stress management!

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and have been a mental health clinician for 10+ years, and a helping professional for over 15 years. Please see my website for more details on my background.

With me, you don’t need to have it all together, this space is for you. With an emphasis on providing a unique experience of a space that will be yours and prioritize you, I look forward to meeting you!

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Groups offered:
Monthly Subscription Group
Provider/Therapist Self-Care Group
Marital/Relationship Enrichment Groups