For a long time now you have been looking for relief from the traumas, stressors and intensities that can arise as a part of everyday life. You may have learned to cope with life by starting to believe that your anxieties, self-defeating thoughts, insecurities and discomforts are simply who you are. It's possible that on your life journey to survive and thrive you have become very good at keeping things in, building walls and guarding your heart for your own protection. Given what life has thrown your way, this may have even been the better option for a time. At this point, you could be wondering if your old patterns still serve your higher purpose, and if not, then it could be time to explore other options that better support your current capacity to thrive and feel connected to life, community and most importantly, yourself.

If any of these thoughts resonate with you, know that I understand and that you are not alone in this process. As your therapist and supporter, it is my personal mission to create space for you, where this work can proceed with unconditional acceptance, kindness, reflection and guidance. From our suffering can come strength, healing, inner wisdom, and freedom. If you would like me to partner with you in this work, then please give me a call and check out my website to learn more. Best wishes always!

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