Are you feeling overwhelmed with your day to day life? Have you tried balancing your responsibilities but still feel stress? Perhaps the issue is not in balancing your responsibilities but in making sure the mind is in a balanced state to meet those responsibilities with ease. Using a cognitive approach, together we will identify any automatic negative thoughts, then utilize skills that promote self awareness to lead you towards 'intentional' self-care. The goal is in learning how to put you first and the rest will all fall into place.

Hi, my name is Stephanie Morton and I am a licensed professional counselor aimed at helping you learn how to identify and overcome those challenges that keep you from feeling like your best self.

As a therapist, I am committed to giving you a comfortable space to open and honestly communicate about your history and how it has led you to wanting true personal growth. Together we will share, listen, and adapt to ensure that you are getting 100% attention for your needs and leaving therapy sessions feeling as if weights have been lifted and closer to your victory goal.

Schedule an intake with me and let's begin a new journey together!

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