Are you a couple, individual or family in need of new coping skills? Due to the pandemic you may be experiencing more uncertainty, fear, and sadness. Perhaps you're overwhelmed with family dynamics and re-entry. So much of our collective experience has changed in a short period and you may need help processing it all. If you are feeling a bit lost, or experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety, you may benefit from therapy now.
By integrating depth psychotherapy with the eastern philosophies of Yoga and Ayurveda I offer a holistic and collaborative approach to help bring you back into harmony. I’ve found that a holistic approach helps my clients increase confidence, discover creative breakthroughs, and experience greater joy in their relationships.
I've spent the last 15 years researching and seeking healthy and sustainable approaches to living through turbulent times. It brings me great joy to share some of those approaches and options with my clients and I would like the opportunity to share them with you.

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