Skills like cognitive reappraisal which involves reframing a situation in order to change its emotional impact; enhancing attention control (how anxiety affects tasks requiring attention and working memory) and resilience building (strengths-based approach to working through obstacles); adaptive coping (developing an ability to function in less than ideal situations); and emotion regulation are some of the benefits my clients walk away from our therapeutic relationship with. At the start of therapy, my clients are having interpersonal and relational challenges such as parenting, marriage or singleness, expectations related to career and family life, roles, expectations and stressors related to womanhood and more. My clients' cognitive challenges might include difficulty concentrating, rumination, flashbacks, psychomotor retardation and ​feeling on edge. On an intrapersonal and behavioral level they might have difficulties with dissociation, organization, pounding heart, startling response, mood changes, change in sleep and/or eating patterns, irritability, self doubt, loneliness, worry, flashback, social anxiety, avoidance and procrastination and more.

My education at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology has provided foundational knowledge and practice of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Dialectical behavior Therapy (DBT),  Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Attachment Theory  and Family Systems in order that I can support my clients to understand the purpose of their symptoms and patterns serve, address underlying psychological challenges, develop the capacity to tolerate negative emotions and develop patterns for healthy relationships. 

I prioritize helping clients honor and balance their personal identity, family values, cultural norms  and cultural identities. I will follow where you lead and at times, I will lead and  be more directive. Your thoughts, values, feelings, experiences and emotions won’t scare me. You will feel seen, heard, psychologically safe, and empowered to give yourself permission to cry, be vulnerable and  heal. Clients experience my therapeutic style as a holistic approach that focuses on understanding your personhood in all environments (friends, family, work/school, etc.). I allow you to bring all the parts of you! 

I work with each client to complete a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment plan/goals in order to develop a detailed plan alongside you based on your individual needs, lifestyle, goals and personality. Therapy is a joint effort where we clarify and establish goals and identify actionable steps and actions toward achieving them and making change using honesty, empathy, compassion and effective communication. We collaborate to reframe your thoughts, instill hope, improve self awareness, have self-compassion, gain clarity, feel empowered and build resilience.

I am providing mental health counseling under the clinical supervision of Barbara Adika, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (MD) and Licensed professional Counselor (Washington, DC).​

Call 240-428-0465 or email staff@adikacounseling.com with any and all questions. Please specify your desire to work with me and include your insurance information. Or, you can schedule with me please use this link to get started, please do so at: https://adikacounseling.mytheranest.com/home/login.

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