Personal Wellness Solutions in conjunction with South Tampa Wellness Spa has three counselors of color that include Kandace Nollie LMHC, Candace Laing Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, and Mariah Patton who is a Practicum Intern completing her Masters Degree program with Cumberland University. Please see below for their profiles to determine if one our out providers would be good fit.

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Kandace Nollie, LMHC

My name is Kandace Nollie and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida. I truly believe in positive self-talk and a healthy self-esteem, and everyday I challenge myself to practice what I preach! My goal in counseling is to be a guide, in this sometimes confusing world, for men and women struggling with substance abuse, depression, anxiety, or a history of trauma/domestic violence. As a survivor of Domestic Violence, I know firsthand, the effects that trauma can have on our minds, bodies, and overall self-esteem, and that is why my approach to counseling is based on what my clients need versus what a textbook says. I hope to lead my clients to a level of understanding of their mental health concerns, and in turn guide them to clarity and resolution. Life is serious enough, so humor is often what I use to help my clients become comfortable with the therapeutic process! Please feel free to contact me to see if my approach to therapy can help you make your first steps to a better YOU!
***Kandace accepts insurance and self pay clients in person and via Telehealth.

Candace Laing Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Hi, my name is Candace Laing and I am a Registered Mental Health Intern in the state of Florida. I was born and raised on the luxurious island of Kingston, Jamaica, but decided to venture outside my comfort zone to work in the mental health field. I have always been drawn to the healthcare field and have studied medicine for a short period of time, with the hopes of becoming a psychiatrist. Although the trajectory of my life changed, my passion and desire to work in the mental healthcare field remained unaffected. I completed my degree at California Southern University with a Master’s of Science in Psychology.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to work in the mental health field for a little over 3 years in total. I worked as a Mentor, Health Promotions Officer, Mental Health Targeted Case Manager, Psychosocial Rehabilitative Specialist, Medical Assistant and Juvenile Probation Officer. The many hats I’ve worn over time, equipped me with the knowledge and skills to work with varying populations: couples, families, the LGBT+, and trauma and abuse survivors.

With the belief that the mind, body and soul are connected I employ a person-centered approach. Instead of viewing a person as innately flawed with behavioral issues, immoral thoughts and feelings that require treatment, helping one to realize they have the capacity for personal growth and change is the highest therapeutic achievement. I am servicing clients through self pay at this time.

***Candace Laing accepts self pay Telehealth clients at a rate of $60-80.

Mariah Patton, Practicum Intern

I have always had a passion for helping others reach their full potential and recognize qualities about themselves they may have never recognized before. As my passion for helping others grew stronger, I realized how important it was to prioritize mental health and well-being in the process. Life is not always easy, but it is helpful when we remember there can be light at the end of every tunnel.

I strongly believe to best understand others, I must put myself in their shoes. It is my duty and devotion to work along side clients to help them develop a positive sense of self, increase coping skills, enhance their self-awareness, and reach their full potential.

I have experience working with adolescents and adults who have struggled with homelessness, anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief. While I use a trauma-informed care, reality therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy approach, I always put the client’s needs first. I am dedicated, empathetic, funny, and caring as I cherish valuable interpersonal relationships. I create a nonjudgmental and comforting environment where clients can feel accepted and validated.

As an African-American female counselor in training, it is my goal to contribute to ending the mental health stigma in African-American communities and bring awareness to the importance of addressing mental health concerns. I hope to lead my clients in better understanding themselves and give them a sense of empowerment along their journey.

“Mental Health… is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.” -Noam Shpancer, PhD

***Mariah Patton accepts self pay in person and telehealth clients at a rate of $60.

Please reach out at (813)435-3060 via text or call.

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