When client’s first come to me, they typically feel like they’re failing at the never ending list of responsibilities at home, work, and in relationships...But keep pushing because they “can’t afford to fall apart”. They need help with a new approach to living their lives so they can experience both productivity and peace.

You might be reading this thinking... "Yup, that me, to a T". If so, I'd love to guide you the process I've used to help 100's of women transform their life.

I’m Soraya, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with several years experience working with anxiety, depression, and trauma. I do this by helping them rewire their relationship with their thoughts, feelings, and choices.

Together we will get clarity on what’s not working anymore, release guilt and shame, and set the boundaries needed to make space for joy and self-care.

Getting started with therapy is a courageous first step in making the changes you want for your life. You deserve to be happy and at peace. You already pour a lot into others, you deserve time to pour into you.

The person that heals them selves heals their parents, their children, and their children's children. This is something indigenous peoples have understood for centuries and that modern science is now learning to be true too. You deserve to unlock generations of healing.

Schedule a session with me to discuss how.

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Group Therapy Details

My practice offers virtual groups on Self-Care, stress management, and Childhood Trauma healing for Woman. Please go to the website (www.yourhealinginsight.com) t0 schedule your free consult, email hi@yourhealinginsight.com for more information, or call 561-332-1812