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You’ve done everything the way that you’re supposed to—you’ve completed your education, you have a wonderful career, and great friendships. Anyone who knows you sees you as successful and competent. So it’s hard to understand why, despite how hard you’ve always worked, you feel as if all of your accomplishments have happened by chance and why you’re constantly having to prove yourself every day. The pressure of having to perform at the highest level at all times feels overwhelming and sometimes immobilizes you. To top it all off, you’re also struggling with romantic relationships and may have wondered if you’ll ever feel fulfilled in that area of your life. Who can you talk to who will understand what it’s like to be a woman of color in predominantly white spaces; someone who will understand the nuances of life as a Black woman?

At Mindspring Wellness Counseling LLC, you’ll find that my unique ability to connect with you around the intersections of race, ethnicity, and gender with your personal experiences of anxiety, work stresses, and relationship issues using evidenced-based interventions, will result in you feeling supported and equipped with the tools that you need to experience joy in your life. Isn’t it time for you to live fully and be your best self? Let’s find some time to talk by phone for a free 20-minute consultation so that we can discuss how I can best support you--schedule directly from my website at mindspringwellnessllc.com.

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