Hello! My name is Soni Fitzhugh. I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Maryland. My counseling style is called integrative counseling. It means that I am flexible and it allows me to choose the best therapeutic tools and approaches to fit the needs of my clients.

As a therapist, I am about empowering my clients. Empowerment begins within the therapeutic relationship, in which the client becomes an equal partner in the helping and healing process. Also, I recognize that healing occurs in relationship and is more than the implementation of a treatment technique. The most empowering intervention is education because it cannot be taken away, and it encourages clients to identify their patterns and barriers to wellness. I want to help people lead healthy and productive lives.

My background includes a “holistic” approach to wellbeing and that includes mind, body, and spirit. I learned to consciously and courageously use our words, and presence, as instruments of healing – with deep respect, thoughtfulness, and compassion

My mission is to be a healing presence to my clients by supporting them in personal growth, cultivating their success, and holistic living. I like to see my clients thrive in life.

Inspiring others and encouraging their development brings me joy.

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As a group mental health practice, Imara Counseling Services seeks to create a warm, inviting and safe space for clients to explore the unique challenges they are going through. Let's be honest, COVID-19 has really disrupted everything we view as normal. And as practice we work tenaciously with clients to see the positive changes and growth they desire. Our clinicians see therapy as a partnership and an opportunity for clients to benefit from the skills they attain.

We work with adults, teenagers, and children (5+) who are suffering with a range of concerns including relationship trouble, mood disorders, such as depression, anxiety, grief, life transitions, and other mental health challenges. We also see couples in all stages of their relationships. If you need help, reach out for help today!

Please visit our website to schedule an appointment at www.imaracounseling.com/contact

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