Life’s challenges can allow one to believe that their situations are unique to them. Mental illness, addiction, stress, grief, and relationship struggles touch the lives of individuals on a daily basis. As women, we tend to believe that we can carry the weight of the world, but meanwhile, we're struggling internally. Are you not feeling like yourself and wondering what happened to the "old" you who used to enjoy life? Perhaps you're struggling with a relationship that isn't bringing you the joy it once did, ​or maybe it's the struggles of parenting. Are you questioning who you are or what's your purpose?

I help women to make meaningful changes in their lives. Being stuck has become your barrier to success. Let's get unstuck together, so you can choose to regain your happiness and feel more in control. You will learn how to set healthy boundaries and not take responsibility for everyone, only yourself. Imagine what your life will be like if you take charge of your own happiness?​ I ask my clients to imagine what life will be like if they do nothing about what's stressing them. What will happen? Can you live the rest of your life like this? What if you believed that change is possible? You're not alone, but depression and anxiety can make you feel that way. Contact me and let's start the journey to getting unstuck!

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