Hey girl! Ive been waiting on you so come on in the room and pull up a seat at the bar. We’ve got some chatting to do.
I know, you never imagined things would get this bad, huh. It seems like everything is piling up at once. The kids are acting out, your friends are too busy with their own lives to check in, you feel as if you are in your relationship alone, and on top of all of that now old traumas are resurfacing. Well, the good news is you’ve come to the right place.
Life doesn’t have to continue to be overwhelming. You’ve made it to this point so now let me walk with you and help lighten the load.
Therapy is a personal experience and you know you best. So, I just need you to be willing to share your thoughts, fears, and goals with me so we can help you return to HAPPY!
Are you ready? Well, let’s get to work and transform your hurt into HEALING.

Please note: The Healing Bar, LLC does not accept any form of insurance.

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