They think you have it all together. Truth is, you could use someone to lean on. Being an everyday superhero isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s stressful, causes anxiety, and creates depression. You need support to manage and better ways to cope.

The therapists of Simplicity Psychotherapy understand the pressure of life's expectations. We also know what it takes to break free of those expectations. It's time that you reveal the person beneath the demands and obligations to live life on your terms. Learn to build self-compassion and increase your confidence with increased understanding of what you need, what you value, and how these desires effect your decision making. You’ve had enough. Let’s change your life.

Our team is committed to helping you step away from the limitations holding you back⁠ and prepared to meet you where you are.⁠

Schedule a free consultation to choose the therapist that best suits your needs and discuss moving forward with your goals. Click the website and schedule online.

In Person and Telehealth (Online) Sessions Available. LGBTQ allies.

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