I get it superwoman; you wear all the hats. Mom hat, wife hat, friend hat, employee hat. All the hats! But that gets exhausting. Constantly having to make sure everything is running smoothly, and everyone is happy takes its toll. You find yourself constantly worrying…bills, kids, friends, career, on and on and on. What's worse is that in all the worrying and juggling you’ve lost yourself. This part right here is a nagging thought stresses you out even more. You don’t even recognize who you are anymore. It’s beyond frustrating. I get it.

Imagine walking through life confident again. Free of the worry & exhaustion & actually knowing who you are & what you want out of life? I know this seems unimaginable right?! But trust someone who’s been there, it is! Therapy is the place to get this done. The place to sort through all the worry, frustration & pain & learn to live again.

I understand the scariness of feeling like you’re lost in a world where peace is a scarcity, but I also understand that that peace is within reach if you’re ready to work for it. If you’re ready to put in some mental work you can get on with the best parts of living again. You can show up in all of your roles as your best self. Sound good? Let's talk!

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I offer 4 groups. The first 2 are self-esteem groups, 1 for middle school girls and 1 for high school girls struggling to know who they are and what they stand for. This is a place to find conviction in their identity while gaining confidence to face the crazy world that is middle school.

The 2nd group is an Anxiety group for teens. This is a place for teens to learn to recognize their anxiety, identify distorted ways of thinking and learn to adjust and live with more peace.

The last active group I offer is a support group for Christian women who have experienced infidelity in their marriage, but have chosen to stay and fight for it. Connect with other women who have experienced a similar struggle and find clarity and peace in the midst of their support and shared knowledge. This group is open to in person client and virtual in NC.