Is the stress in your life consuming your happiness and purpose? Are you constantly having overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, nervousness, or sadness? Have you lost interest or pleasure in activities that you once enjoyed? Is anxiety preventing you from having new experiences? You do not need to walk this journey alone. At some point in our lives, we all will experience emotional and psychological distress.

Life can be very challenging, and sometimes we need support to become more self-aware and make the changes necessary to rise above the circumstances. It is my job to give you the tools to navigate through your most difficult life encounters. I will provide a safe, nurturing, and judgment-free atmosphere that will allow you to begin your journey to self-healing. Learning from your emotions and past experiences is the best way to grow and heal. I combine life experiences, psycho-education, and evidence-based treatments to help clients understand their symptoms, re-frame thought patterns, and use the tools we learn in session in everyday life. Allow me to help reconnect you to your strengths and purpose by processing and understanding your thoughts and emotion.

It is my personal belief that every human has the capacity to change and grow at any point in time. Therapy may seem intimidating. Sharing your most intimate details of your life with a stranger can make you feel uncomfortable. However, sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zones in order to release the greatness that is within ourselves. Mental health is equally important as other aspects of your health. As a mental health professional, I vow to continue to eliminate the fear and the stigma associated with therapy.

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