I provide a neutral, non-judgmental zone to explore and find positive coping strategies that can improve daily living. I believe that positive coping strategies will empower us to live our best lives. I will aid you in finding and exploring factors in your past and present that have hindered you from recognizing your internal strength, thereby empowering you to move forward and become mentally healthier. I hold a strong belief that talk therapy allows for a collaborative effort to utilize grounded theories as the tools needed to help you heal, change, accept and live your best life.
Traumas are weaved into the body like our DNA sequences. To protect ourselves at times (especially as children), we block out the scary things. The body remembers and can be triggered, however. Accepting and understanding your triggers can be integral in living your best life
I believe that we all need a safe space to explore our concerns with daily living and its impediments-- you will find it here. Additionally, we will explore how culture (both familial and ethnic), influence our choices.

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