Therapist for Gen Z and Mom with anxiety and depression.
Hey Mom,
Are you working a demanding job, trying to build a successful career or business and be a mom? Are you doubting your decision or the ability to "have it all"? Are you battling mom/wife guilt, lacking or not prioritizing self care, and harboring a little resentment? Experiencing some overstimulation? I get it and I can help. I help mom's "mom" confidently while working a demanding job to build a successful career AND live a fulfilling life. We work together on identifying triggers and developing coping skills to manage them. We will overcome the guilt and stop the thoughts and false beliefs that support and perpetuate the guilt. Then we work together on designing your dream life and build the confidence to go after it!

Generation Z,
Are you lacking motivation to get out of the bed or complete simple task or routines? Are you overthinking, allowing negative thoughts to spiral out of control, preventing sleep or resulting in panic/anxiety attack. Are you struggling to make decisions, finding adulthood hard, feeling stuck in a transition and lacking guidance to identify or accomplish goals to cultivate your ideal life? I can provide the necessary support and skills needed. Book a free call now!

I’m Shirria McCullough, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with nearly 8 years of experience. I have been in both situations above as a young, teenage, ambitious mother with ample support but limited guidance trying to navigate adulthood. Book a free call now!

Understanding, empathy, validation and support are the characteristics I stand on and are the foundations of my practice with others. I am committed to helping young adults to adults overcome mental health challenges that limit your quality of life. I believe in taking a collaborative approach while helping clients overcome challenges, reach goals, and enhance life!

I am passionate about creating a therapeutic alliance that builds trust, empowers you to overcome challenges, develop new perspectives and skills, to enhance your life to become the life of your dreams.

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